helps babies fall asleep.

Calms down crying babies instantly.
Gets parents through the first months.

appstore-logo * Requires iOS 10.0 or higher
Sleep Timer

Set up a sleep timer with your preferred duration. After up to 4 hours the audio playback will be stopped.

Volume Fade

Fades out sound smoothly over the timer duration. Perfect to put your little ones to sleep.

Background Audio

Allows playback to continue while using other apps or in Standby.

Sound Variations

All sounds have a smooth and a more intense variation.



Babies love to hear steady sounds to calm down and fall asleep. In fact, newborns are used to constant high levels of noise from inside the womb! When your baby cries, try turning on the hair dryer - chances are, your little one will instantly calm down and feel better! It is reminded of the good times inside mommy's belly!


Hushr comes with many sounds, just see which one your child responds to best!
If your baby needs to sleep, use the basic, smoother sounds, if crying, you may prefer the louder, more intense variations.

The sleep timer and background audio come in handy when using the app regularly. We have kids ourselves and have been putting Hushr to good use ourselves again the previous months.


Customisable Nightlight

In addition to a sleeping aid, you can use Hushr as a highly flexible nightlight. Change the appearance to your liking and lock the settings for future use.

  • Choose between 5 different colors.
  • Set the light's strength & the screen's brightness individually.
  • Apply a color mask for a realistic appearance.

Easy handling

Got only one hand when carrying around your little one? You can make use of the core features simply by using gestures.

  • Avoid switching sounds accidentally by locking the current sound during playback.
  • Use 3d touch and swipe the rows to access functionality.
  • Shake your device in one direction to start playback!
  • Long press or swipe vertically with 3 fingers to change the iPhone volume manually without that clicky button noise!

Parents love Hushr

Join thousands of other parents and be amazed how Hushr's sounds can quickly relax your baby. It's almost funny how it just works when nothing else does.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions, that we get on a regular basis.
If yours is missing, just send us an email and we'll get back to you!

Can I turn off the screen while playback continues?

Yes, the sound will continue when leaving the app or when your iPhone goes into the lock screen. You can specify inside the app whether your device is allowed to sleep while using Hushr.

Do I need to create an account or sign up to use Hushr?

No, there are no accounts or sign ups and we collect exactly zero user data.

Does the app work without internet connection?

Yes, after the initial download from the App Store there is no internet connection necessary. Hushr does not connect to the internet at all.

Does the nightlight work with the sleep timer?

Yes, when the nightlight screen is showing when the sleep timer ends, the device will go into sleep mode after the time you've specified in the iPhone's main settings.

Which sounds work best?

Hushr serves 3 purposes, mainly: When trying to calm a crying baby, use a louder sound with a lot of high frequencies, like the hair dryer. When you're trying to put your baby asleep, the exhaust hood works great on boost setting. If your baby has trouble sleeping again after waking up during the night, the sound can be more chilling, as exhaust hood on the soft setting. Just try out the sounds for yourself but give each one a chance for a little while.

Version 2.0 is out now!

We've completely reworked the app for a beautiful design & simple handling with the implementation of swipe & shake gestures.